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Steven B. Johnson: “The Glass Box and the Commonplace Book”

In this talk given at the Columbia University Journalism School. Steven Johnson argues that the future of digital texts could go in two divergent directions. They could be confined in iPad-like “locked glass boxes” that cannot be shared or remixed. Or they could remain fungible and shareable in open formats that resemble the commonplace books from centuries past, personally curated collections of aphorisms and quotations. Continue reading

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NPR Is Building iPad-Only Website

ReadWriteWeb reports that NPR and the Wall Street Journal are planning custom-built websites for the Apple iPad that will be Flash-free. Continue reading

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Will The iTouch Tablet Be Accessible?

Jason Schwartz at Seeking Alpha predicts that the iTouch Tablet  will “change society as we know it.” Expect the Apocalypse sometime in September.  Schwartz reviews the evidence for what the new device might be (imagine an iPod Touch on steroids … Continue reading

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