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NPR Is Building iPad-Only Website

ReadWriteWeb reports that NPR and the Wall Street Journal are planning custom-built websites for the Apple iPad that will be Flash-free. Continue reading

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Is An Audiobook Really a Book?

I see red whenever I run into the pompous assertion that reading by listening to a book read aloud is not really reading. Then I ask (loudly, of course, to anyone who will listen), how did I read Ulysses (three times in as many decades) and Finnegans Wake (not quite once, completely)? How did I read À la recherche du temps perdu, Gravity’s Rainbow, and The Structure of Scientific Revolutions? Was I deluding myself, or merely faking it? Continue reading

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Testing NPR’s Embedded Audio Player

I’ve wanted this for a long time. With NPR’s re-tooled web site, embedding stories heard on NPR radio programs now seems possible.I tried embedding the NPR audio player for  Creative Coincidences: Cage On Cunningham from Fresh Air [073109]. It never … Continue reading

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Laura, Knock Down That Accessibility Barrier!

O.K., I’m sorry. Let me try again. “Laura, knock down that accessibility barrier, please.” Nick Negroponte said someone like you would come along someday to help me get stuff done. I’ve been waiting for your cool efficiency and ass-kick assertiveness … Continue reading

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